November 24, 2022


Seeing interviews with his father and grandfather, yeah, this boy was raised with hate in his heart from day 1 and never changed.

Father (paraphrased): "I heard he was involved in a gar bar shooting, so relieved when I found out he was the shooter not a gay. I raised him to be violent. We're mormons, we don't do gay."

Grandfather, GQP politician "He's a good boy"

Being raised to hate is bad, not changing is the sin of the individual.

Edit: (link to an interview:

Edit 2: Since the arrest this scumbag's lawyers say that they would prefer it if their client was identified as gender non-binary. Until we hear otherwise, I think it's best to treat that claim as being a cynical ploy by the lawyers for a lighter sentence. If we hear from people who KNOW the monster that it is true, then it is true, otherwise... highly suspicious.

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