April 16, 2020

Crazy amounts of sad USA posts

Crazy amounts of sad USA posts
I usually see posts about US politics and simply scroll on by without a second glance.

Eventually, when I started reading the news type posts, I developed the opinion that I was lucky not to be in the US.

Lately, I have been reading all the posts concerning the USA. Today, I finally snapped. I couldn't believe the posts about the protests against stay-at-home initiatives that are proven to help save lives. The posts about gerrymandering, the torpedoing of the postal service, secret deportations of asylum seekers, the blame games etc.

I am just saddened to see such a lack of empathy or awareness. What is really happening here? Are we really witnessing the rapid decline of the USA? Because THAT is a disconcerting event. And if I feel helpless, I cannot imagine how some of you US based Imugrians are feeling.

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