April 15, 2020

Needed to vent

Needed to vent

We bought the model house in a new community. They finished converting the sales office to garage in Feb and we closed in mid March. We started moving in through the end of March slowly given the current situation. We couldn't exchange pleasantries with neighbors because of the quarantine and social distancing norms.

Cut to yesterday, the neighbor waved to my husband when he was out to put trash cans near the curb. Not sure what made her think we might not be owners/residents of this house. She called the cops to inform that they see lights flickering in a house that is supposed to be under construction and that we might be illegally staying in it.

The cops knocked on the doors in the middle of night. We were in the upstairs bedroom watching Prison Break. We couldn't hear them knock, so they flashed a bright light on the house. I was super terrified. They asked to show our keys to the house - one of them verified that it works. They also wanted to see our furniture but decided otherwise later.

They made a joke that we are lucky our neighbors keep a close watch and help keep the neighborhood extra safe. My husband laughed it off but I didn't know what to make of this.

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