December 08, 2019


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Many comments saying that the minimum wage is fine but that tuition has exploded due to government backed loans. While the loans may be a contributing factor, similar trends are found in housing, healthcare, and many other essential industries. So the problem isn't with tuition alone, but because wages are not keeping up with cost of living.

There are also many comments pointing out that Bernie is himself a Boomer. This may be so, but while a generation may have major trends in attitude amongst it's members no group is truel homologous and Bernie has consistently advocated for public education and many other ideas which buck the typical Boomer trend.

Additionally to address the strawman of "nothing is free"... Of course not we're asking for publicly funded education, not free education. Our tax dollars should be used more to support people and tax loopholes should be closed such that wealthy individuals and corporations pay their fair share and give back to the community.

To address the numbers, the number of hours is based on the lower cost state schools and community colleges.

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