November 07, 2019

A Birthday GIFt for my gf


Source: In Bruges

FP Edit: This turned out kinda funny. The plan was to hit the Front Page around 00:00 when her “birthday” actually started and she would see it.

So I waited 10-15min before congratulating her and then I sent her a simple “Happy Birthday” message + a basic “cat wishing you a happy birthday” gif to which I got a reply “Thank you & nice gif”.

At that exact moment I was like, wait what only a “Nice gif” and we were joking with each other about her saying that and then she said “It’s cool that the cat is blinking”. Turns out she didn’t get a notification, I've sent her the link to the post and after that I got this:

Yes I got permission from her to post our chat conversation and yes those are very positive words, there are more but this were the first ones :D

Thanks guys for getting this to the Front Page, lova ya all! :D

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