June 17, 2019

My love is sleeping

My love is sleeping
She is my wife, Federica, the day of our wedding in 2014.

In 2018 she had some problems and needed neurosurgery.

In september she left the San Bortolo hospital (Vicenza) and finally come back home with me.

All well till February when she need another surgery and, 10 February, she suffered a massive septic shock from Serratia Marcescens bacterium.

After 4 months, she is never awakened and she will never wake up.

She leaved me in the deepest desperation, in a dark pit with my only tears everytime i see her.

She was the most good person i have ever known, always ready to think herself in second place just to help others.

She looked at the world with a child eyes and even the smallest thing it was pure joy for her.

She was my everything and, now, she is in a place where i can't touch, help, talk her and i would give my life to wake her and see her smile and hear her voice again.

But i can't do anything for her, just give her kisses and hope to reach her soon.

First time i post something but i really needed to talk.

Sorry for my bad english.

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