March 24, 2019

This good boy scared away a creepy guy at the park.

This is my two year old Shepherd Tolkien. We were walking at the park the other day and he kept freaking out. Spinning back the way we'd come and letting out his "warning bark". I started turning around when he did and saw this guy about 20 feet back following us, hiding behind trees whenever I turned around and just being really weird/creepy. I wasn't familiar with the trail I was on and didn't know if it looped around or if I'd have to walk back past this guy to get to my car. So I decided to just call him on it. I turned around and called out to him saying that I saw him, that he was being weird, and what does he want? He came out from behind a tree and started walking towards us. Tolkien lost it. Full snarling, hackels up, whole thing. I decided to trust Tolkien's instincts and decided that this guy was up to no good. The guy stopped about 5 feet away and started saying things like he thought I was really pretty, and wanted my number, etc. I told him that my dog obviously didn't like him, and neither did I. I said that Tolkien's bite trained and if he kept coming forward I'd let Tolkien take his arm off. He then proceeded to call me a bitch and such and yell at us but eventually walked away. Tolkien stayed on guard till we got back to the car and home. He is the goodest of boys. I gave him a nice marrow bone and lots of snuggles when we got back.

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