March 14, 2019

Casual Thor Ragnarok & MoreThor! (Gallery)

Casual Thor Ragnarok & MoreThor!
Casual Thor Ragnarok ready for Emerald City Comic Con this weekend!

Along with my Gladiator/Surtur Murder Thor Ragnarok Mashup cosplay that only has a few more updates I'm looking to add!

Cosplay competition is this weekend, I entered the special effects bracket. Wish me luck!
I built two mini smoke machines and programmed single addressible led strips to light up the smoke to simulate lightning.

Microcontroller: gemma m0

Language: circuit python

Led strip: adafruit dotstar digital led strip

Mini smoke machines are powered by 3 AA batteries through a jst backpack. Air flow is powered by a 5DC mini air pump which pushes the smoke through the tubing around the shield.

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