March 14, 2019

Another year, another progress picture. 

Another year, another progress picture. 
It's my 2-year keto-versary!

Start weight: 303.4 lbs

Current weight: 153.2 lbs

Goal weight: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Total weight lost: 150.2 lbs

Weight lost in Year 1: 111 lbs

Weight lost in Year 2: 39.2 lbs

I wish I had remembered to take measurements this morning! From the last time I measured (mid-February 2019), these are my losses: 5 inches in my bust (43 to 38), 9 inches in my waist (41 to 32), and 11 inches in my hips (55 to 44). Pant size went from like a 22 to a 10 (maybe 8?)--I'm still wearing 12s that are way too big for me #cheapgirlprobs. Tops went from a 3XL to a medium.

Goals: get in the gym and do some weight lifting/weight training. Are those the same thing? Idk. I want my thighs to squish watermelons. And I want to build my booty back up. RIP butt. I also want those abs that are starting to peek through to make their way out.


How’d you lose weight?

I ate a ketogenic diet. Basically low carb. No pastas, breads, rice, sugars, etc.

What’d you eat?

I would typically have my meals follow this formula: protein + leafy green (or some kind of veggie) + cheese. Dinner tonight is going to be butter chicken, cauliflower rice, and some spinach on the side. I love spinach. Dinner last night (most nights) is a quesadilla (with some kind of meat inside) using a low-carb tortilla (La Banderita makes the best, imho), and a bunch of veggies on the side: cucumbers, spinach, pickled jalapenos, etc. I like sides.

Do you work out?

I worked out 5x a week for like three weeks in April 2017, then didn’t do anything for a few months, then started cycling and belly dance sporadically in October/November 2017. Then I did Krav Maga for like a month or two at the end of 2017, early 2018. Since January/February 2018, I've just stuck with cycling--I try to go at least 3 times a week. It doesn't always happen. Considering most of my weight loss happened in Year 1, the majority of my weight loss occurred without much exercise.

Did you cheat?

Short answer: yes. Longer answer: Yes, but not very often. I didn't do carb-ups, or whatever. I typically cheat around vacations. Essentially, all of my cheats were planned. I went into a cheat knowing it was going to be a cheat period, and I ended the cheat when I said it would end. The next cheat wouldn't happen until the next vacation or planned cheat--so months would go by in between. For example, I cheated in early August 2018 and didn't cheat again until New Year's 2019. Then again for V-day, which was planned very last minute. But the next cheat isn't until June. After that, I probably won't cheat again until New Year's 2020--unless I go on another vacation in July. Haven't planned that far out yet.

Where are your stretch marks?

They're there! I've been fat my whole life, so my marks aren't dark or red, they are light and skin colored at this point. They blend in with the poor lighting and bad camera quality.

Do you have loose skin?

I sure do! Most of it is on my inner thighs, as cycling has slimmed those suckers down quite a bit. My inner thighs are super wrinkly. You can see some loose skin on my knee in my after picture. My inner arms are becoming bat wings--if I move too quickly, they slap me and I can hear them clap. LOL. My tummy doesn't look too loose when I stand up straight, but if I'm doing a plank BOIIIIIIIII it's loose as heck. Even my butt is saggy and has loose skin. It's quite unfortunate, tbh. I'd like to get plastic surgery in the future to remove the loose skin and do something about my deflated boobs.

Um, I think that is it for now. If you have any other questions, I would be more than happy to answer. Keto is my lifestyle for good. I feel best eating keto, and I don't plan on going back to my old eating habits. Keep calm and keto on, my friends.

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