February 10, 2019

My boy is a fighter

My boy is a fighter

This is today, I had a call from the vets this morning to say that Sausage had been brought it by someone that lives near us. Thank god he's microchipped so the vets could contact us.

Sausage is adventurous but the most dosile fluff ball you'll ever meet, he popped into a garden near by our house & was attacked by a dog, luckily the owner got the dog off him & brought Sausage straight to our local vets. What happend is not the dog or owners fault in anyway, our boy went wandering into territory that wasn't his.

First xrays showed 2 broken ribs, a broken shoulder bone & a broken sternum. After he was settled down the could ultrasound him & it showed much much worse. The bite from the dog had left 2 big puncture wounds and has meant his heart has moved poistion resticting his lungs with air getting into places it shouldn't. Tonight he is having open heart surgery to correct this & I couldn't be anymore scared. The vet said this type of surgery doesn't come without serious risk but there's no other option for him. Also, thank godness for pet insurance.

I've been going through all my pictures of him just to remind me of how much I love him. His brother Beans is worried too & keeps searching the house for him. I don't know where I'm going with this I just needed to write it down & share how wonderful he is.

UPDATE: SAUSAGE IS ALIVE! After a long night of not hearing anything, we got a call from the surgeon at 09.30 the next day saying everything went well. He had 5.5 hours of surgery to correct the placement of his heart and to fix up the puncture wounds left by the dog bite. They said they thought they would have to do a second operation to correct his broken ribs & sternum but decided against that and confirm they will heal on their own. The surgeon said considering Sausage was in such a bad shape when he got there he's made a miraculous recovery and only 6 hours after surgery he was sitting up and trying to walk about.

Yesterday evening we went to see him and considering what he went through he was sitting up, moving around and loving some chin scratchies. We are so overwhelmed with it all and over the moon that he is okay. I think he's used up a few of his 9 lives now.

I went to see Sausage again after work this evening and he looks even better, he's on lots of methadone and is high as a kite but nearly, almost nearly looked like himself (apart from his shaved belly, he kinda looks like an uncooked turkey!) He still hasn't eaten since before he got attacked but as soon as he starts eating by himself we're allowed to bring him home. His brother Beans can't wait to have Saus home!!!

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