January 09, 2019

No one cares but you should

No one cares but you should
So I posted on NYE about me being evicted from my rental with one month notice.

People reacted with “you got lots of time”, “calm down”, “don’t care” and other unsupportive drivel.

It was not my intention to whine, but yes I was upset I was given very little notice by people I thought were friends and without cause, on a night of supposedly celebration no less. I thought maybe a larger community of people with such varied life experiences could offer at least sympathy or some information. Alas, I hoped too much from the internet.

Regardless, I did my own research.

The notice they’ve given me was not proper under the governing legislation (B.C. RTA).

By law:

- notice must be in writing

- verbal agreements are protected under RTA as long as it meets certain criteria (independent unit)

- minimum notice period applies

- for with cause, warning need to be provided and given 30 days to rectify.

- for without cause, the minimum notice is 2 months with 1 month free as compensation.

- for without cause, and for renovation/renting to a relative, tenant is entitled to 12 months rent if the landlord does not carry out the activity they evicted the tenant for. (Eg, relative moving in but they don’t.) It also has to the the explicit event that occurs (eg, cannot evict due to reno but then have a relative move in without the Reno occurring)

So I was well within my right to, not only care, but to compensation.

Usersub is going to downvote me for no real reason, but I really do hope someone find this useful. Love, Peace, Positivity and all that jazz.

TL;DR: Landlord cannot give me one month verbal notice to move under my specific legislation. If you are being evicted, do your research.

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