Trump Backs Hogan Despite Criticisms in Heated Maryland Senate Race

Zoey Waverider

Updated Friday, June 14, 2024 at 6:07 AM CDT

Trump Backs Hogan Despite Criticisms in Heated Maryland Senate Race

In a surprising twist in Maryland's Senate race, former President Donald Trump expressed support for former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, a staunch critic of Trump. Hogan is vying to flip a Senate seat against Democrat Angela Alsobrooks, the executive of Prince George's County, Maryland, as they aim to succeed the retiring Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin.

Hogan celebrated his victory in the 2024 Maryland Republican Senate primary in Annapolis on May 14, despite publicly stating he won’t vote for Trump in the upcoming presidential election. Hogan has also called for respect for the guilty verdicts in Trump's historic criminal trial, where Trump was convicted on 34 felony counts.

Trump's support for Hogan came during a conversation with reporters at the National Republican Senatorial Committee in Washington, D.C., alongside several Republican senators. Trump emphasized his commitment to the party and the country, indicating an endorsement for Hogan, though no one had directly asked him to do so.

Senators present with Trump included Rick Scott (R-Fla.), Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), Roger Marshall (R-Kan.), JD Vance (R-Ohio), and Steve Daines (R-Mont.). Despite Hogan's clear stance against Trump, his campaign senior adviser Mike Ricci reiterated that Hogan is not supporting Trump, as he did not in 2016 and 2020.

In Democrat-dominated Maryland, a Trump endorsement could potentially harm rather than help Republican candidates. Hogan acknowledged the challenge of having Trump at the top of the Republican ticket, noting that Trump lost Maryland by 33 points.

Angela Alsobrooks reacted to the developments by emphasizing the high stakes of the race and criticized Senate Republicans for recent votes against access to contraception and protecting IVF.

In a related move, Rep. Greg Steube, R-Fla., introduced a bill to rename the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) after Donald Trump, calling it the "Donald John Trump Exclusive Economic Zone of the United States." The bill, which would rename laws, maps, documents, and other records, signifies Trump's enduring influence within the Republican Party, despite its unlikely passage in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

Former President Trump also gave a speech to House Republicans, criticizing the prosecutions against him and noting a boost in his fundraising and popularity following his criminal charges.

Conservative Bias:

Well, folks, here we have another example of the left's hypocrisy and desperation. Despite Larry Hogan's clear anti-Trump stance, President Trump, ever the patriot, is supporting him for the greater good of the Republican Party. The liberals, of course, are frothing at the mouth, terrified of losing control in Maryland. Hogan's refusal to back Trump is a non-issue for real conservatives who understand the importance of unity against the radical left's agenda. Meanwhile, Angela Alsobrooks and her Democrat cronies are busy pushing their anti-family, anti-freedom policies, like restricting access to contraception and IVF, which shows just how out of touch they are with the American people. And let's not forget the Democrats' relentless witch hunt against Trump, which only serves to galvanize his base and boost his popularity. The left's fear is palpable, and their tactics are as transparent as ever. They know they can't win on policy, so they resort to smears and legal harassment. It's pathetic, but not surprising.

Liberal Bias:

Once again, the Republican Party shows its true colors by throwing its weight behind Larry Hogan, a man who, despite his criticisms of Trump, still aligns with the GOP's regressive agenda. Trump's endorsement of Hogan is nothing but a desperate attempt to maintain influence in a state that overwhelmingly rejected him. Hogan's victory in the primary is a stark reminder that the GOP is still very much the party of Trump, regardless of their feigned disapproval of his criminal behavior. Angela Alsobrooks is right to call out the Senate Republicans for their disgraceful votes against reproductive rights and IVF protections. It's clear that the GOP's war on women's rights is far from over. And let's talk about Rep. Greg Steube's ludicrous bill to rename the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone after Trump. This is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to idolize a man who has been rightfully convicted on 34 felony counts. The GOP's obsession with Trump is not only embarrassing but dangerous. They continue to undermine our democracy and the rule of law, all while Trump himself gloats about his increased fundraising and popularity amidst his criminal charges. The Republican Party has become a cesspool of corruption and extremism, and it's time for Americans to wake up and reject their dangerous agenda.

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