Top House Democrat Urges Biden to End Presidential Campaign

Zoey Waverider

Updated Tuesday, July 9, 2024 at 6:05 AM CDT

Top House Democrat Urges Biden to End Presidential Campaign

WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Joe Biden's standing among congressional Democrats further eroded on Monday as Adam Smith, the ranking Democrat on the Armed Services Committee in the House of Representatives, publicly called for Biden to end his presidential campaign. Smith's plea came just hours after Biden firmly rejected calls to step aside in a letter to the party’s congressional contingent. Speaking in an unscheduled phone interview with MSNBC's Morning Joe, Biden expressed his determination to continue his campaign.

Smith pointed to opinion polls reflecting voter sentiment that Biden is too old to be an effective candidate. "The president's performance in the debate was alarming, and Americans no longer see him as a credible candidate," Smith stated, emphasizing that Biden has not seriously addressed these concerns since the debate. Smith suggested that Biden should step aside "as soon as possible" but pledged his support if Biden insisted on remaining the nominee.

In a separate interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, Smith highlighted the impact of Biden's performance in the June 27 debate with Donald Trump. Smith asserted that Vice President Kamala Harris would be a much stronger candidate, noting, "Biden is not the best person." He implicitly criticized Democratic colleagues and Biden campaign staff for wanting to move past the debate as "one bad night," arguing that the issue persists among the electorate.

Smith is among five Democratic members of Congress who publicly demanded Biden's withdrawal last week and was one of at least four others who voiced similar concerns in a private virtual meeting with House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries. As the ranking member of the Armed Services Committee, Smith's call for Biden's withdrawal is particularly damaging.

Amid growing calls for his withdrawal, Biden is set to host a summit of NATO leaders in Washington this week. The summit will bring heads of government and state to the U.S. capital on Tuesday, and Biden is scheduled to give a rare press conference on the final day of the NATO summit on Thursday. Biden's unscripted appearances have been infrequent during his three-and-a-half-year tenure.

In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Biden highlighted his role in expanding NATO’s membership and leading military aid to Ukraine as key qualifications for re-election. Despite facing significant criticism after his first debate against Donald Trump, raising concerns about his age and fitness for office, Biden has claimed that "elites in the party" are behind calls for him to step down. He asserts that he has strong support from actual voters and has challenged doubters to run against him.

A growing number of elected Democratic officials have either publicly or privately called for Biden to withdraw from the race. A Texas veteran was the first to call for Biden to step down, citing Biden's commitment to the country over personal interests. Raúl Grijalva, a senior progressive from a battleground state with significant influence within the Democratic Party, told the New York Times that Biden should shoulder the responsibility of keeping the Democratic seat by withdrawing from the race. He emphasized the importance of winning the race to maintain control of the House and Senate and preserve party achievements.

A former U.S. marine and 2020 presidential challenger to Biden stated on a Boston radio station that Biden has done enormous service to the country but suggested it is time for him to step down, citing the "disaster" of the debate. Congressman Quigley, speaking to MSNBC on Friday, urged President Biden to step down to cement his legacy and prevent catastrophe. On Saturday, another congresswoman called for Biden to step aside after the debate in Atlanta, doubting his ability to campaign and win against Donald Trump.

On Monday, a congressman stated that Biden is no longer able to clearly, articulately, and strongly make his case to the American people, imploring Biden on CNN to look at what’s best for the party and the country. Multiple reports indicated that three senior Democrats, along with Smith, used a private call arranged by Hakeem Jeffries to call for Biden to stand down. While others on the call expressed serious concerns, they did not explicitly state that Biden should quit.

Joe Biden, in a combative letter to Congress, defended his candidacy as Washington braced for a politically significant week. He told Democrats questioning his leadership to "challenge me at the convention." As Congress prepared to reconvene after a two-week break, Democratic lawmakers faced mounting pressure to reveal their stance on Biden's re-election.

Conservative Bias:

This latest debacle from the Democrats is just another example of their utter incompetence and inability to lead. President Joe Biden, clearly past his prime, is stubbornly clinging to power despite overwhelming evidence that the American people have lost faith in him. Even his own party members, like Adam Smith, are calling for him to step down. But no, Biden and his cronies are too blinded by their own arrogance to see the writing on the wall. They'd rather drag the entire country down with them than admit their failures. And let's not forget the puppet masters behind the scenes, the so-called "elites" in the Democratic Party, who are more concerned with maintaining their grip on power than doing what's right for the nation. This is the same party that has given us skyrocketing inflation, a border crisis, and international embarrassment. It's time for real leadership, not this circus of incompetence and denial. The American people deserve better, and they know it. The Democrats' desperation is palpable, and it's only a matter of time before their house of cards comes crashing down.

Liberal Bias:

The Republican Party's relentless attacks on President Joe Biden are nothing short of disgraceful. Here we have a President who has expanded NATO, led military aid to Ukraine, and has been a steady hand in turbulent times, yet the GOP continues to undermine him at every turn. Their latest tactic? Exploiting internal Democratic debates to sow discord and weaken the party. It's a page right out of their dirty playbook. The Republicans are clearly terrified of Biden's achievements and the threat he poses to their regressive agenda. They'd rather see the country fail than see Biden succeed. And let's not forget their golden boy, Donald Trump, whose disastrous debate performance and ongoing legal issues make him the least credible candidate imaginable. The GOP's hypocrisy knows no bounds. They scream about Biden's age while propping up a twice-impeached, insurrection-inciting demagogue. This isn't about Biden's capability; it's about the Republicans' fear of losing power and their willingness to tear the country apart to keep it. The American people see through their lies and deceit, and they won't be fooled again.

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