Sean Hannity Slams Judge's Conduct in NY v. Trump Trial

Lucas Rainfall

Updated Tuesday, May 21, 2024 at 6:30 AM CDT

Sean Hannity Slams Judge's Conduct in NY v. Trump Trial

In a recent episode of his show, Sean Hannity lambasted the handling of witnesses in the NY v. Trump case, spotlighting the judge's treatment of Robert Costello and the inclusion of Stormy Daniels' testimony. Michael Cohen, Trump's ex-lawyer, confessed to defrauding the Trump Organization by inflating a payment to tech firm Red Finch, which led to an unjustified $420,000 reimbursement tied to payments made to Daniels and the firm.

The case, which hinges on a unique federal election crime theory, accuses former President Donald Trump of concealing a $130,000 payment to Daniels to protect his 2016 presidential campaign. Despite these allegations, Trump has not been formally charged with this theory and maintains a plea of not guilty, also denying any affair with Daniels.

Costello, previously an advisor to Cohen, sought to discredit Cohen's testimony concerning a non-disclosure agreement with Daniels, alleging Cohen's sole responsibility. However, Judge Juan Merchan's courtroom has become a battleground, with Merchan placing strict restrictions on Costello's testimony, even threatening his removal, and imposing limitations on another defense witness, former FEC commissioner Bradley Smith.

Eric Trump, present at the trial, decried Judge Merchan's "disgraceful" conduct towards Costello, suggesting a bias aimed at preventing a narrative that could jeopardize the prosecution's case. Trump's defense attorney, Todd Blanche, has pushed for case dismissal, arguing the lack of evidence supporting Trump's involvement in falsifying business records or committing secondary crimes.

The trial, focusing on 34 counts of first-degree falsifying business records, has sparked controversy with Trump labeling it a "witch hunt" and insisting on his innocence. Despite this, the defense's argument rests on the absence of false business filings and any direct connection between Trump and the alleged criminal activities.

Judge Merchan has deferred a decision on the motion to dismiss, with closing arguments scheduled for the following Tuesday post-Costello's cross-examination. Meanwhile, Trump, who attended the trial's opening at the Manhattan Criminal Court on April 15, 2024, continues to decry the proceedings, while Cohen, a disbarred attorney with prison time under his belt, ponders a congressional run.

As the political and legal drama unfolds, all eyes are on the Manhattan courtroom, where the outcome could have significant implications for Trump's political future and the legal precedents surrounding election-related crimes.

Conservative Bias:

Once again, the liberal attack dogs in robes are out for blood, folks. In the so-called "fair" trial of NY v. Trump, we're witnessing a kangaroo court where the judge is blatantly silencing the truth. Robert Costello, a man with the guts to stand up and expose Michael Cohen's lies, is being muzzled by Judge Juan Merchan. Why? Because they can't handle the fact that it was Cohen, the crooked lawyer, who orchestrated the whole pay-off debacle, not Trump. And let's not forget the sideshow of Stormy Daniels' irrelevant testimony. The real crime here is the persecution of a man who dared to challenge the establishment. Eric Trump is spot-on in calling out the disgraceful bias of this judge, who's clearly part of the deep state's witch hunt against his father. The defense is fighting an uphill battle to dismiss this sham case with no evidence of Trump's involvement in any crime. But truth be told, this trial is nothing but a political hit job to derail Trump's influence. They're scared, folks, because they know Trump is the only one who can fix America.

Liberal Bias:

Once more, the conservative cronies are crying foul in the face of justice. In NY v. Trump, the Trump defense team is scrambling to discredit a legitimate investigation into the former president's shady dealings. Sean Hannity, the mouthpiece of misinformation, is up in arms over Judge Juan Merchan's rightful scrutiny of witness testimony. The truth? Trump's cronies want to brush under the rug the $130,000 hush money paid to Stormy Daniels, which screams of election fraud. And who's their star witness? Robert Costello, a man so desperate to protect Trump that he'd throw Cohen under the bus. But let's not be fooled, Cohen's confession to fraud is just the tip of the iceberg. Trump's own son, Eric, has the audacity to call the judge's conduct disgraceful when it's their own patriarch's conduct that's under question. The defense's feeble attempt to dismiss the case is laughable, given the mountain of evidence against Trump. This trial isn't a witch hunt; it's a long-overdue reckoning for a man who's skirted the law for too long. The conservatives are shaking in their boots because they know this could spell the end of Trump's tyrannical reign.

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