President Joe Biden at 81: Too Old for Reelection or a Beacon of Experience?

Chloe Whisperwillow

Updated Monday, November 20, 2023 at 6:07 AM CDT

President Joe Biden at 81: Too Old for Reelection or a Beacon of Experience?

As President Joe Biden celebrated his 81st birthday on November 20, 2023, becoming the oldest president in U.S. history, concerns about his age and capability to lead the nation have intensified. A mid-September Reuters/Ipsos poll revealed that a staggering 77% of Americans, including 65% of Democrats, question whether Biden is too old for the presidency as he eyes a second term. Despite these worries, Biden often deflects with humor, once quipping about being "198 years old," and insists his seasoned experience is an advantage.

The prospect of an 86-year-old Biden concluding a second term has prompted comparisons to former President Ronald Reagan, who was 77 when he left office in 1989. Meanwhile, Donald Trump, also 77, is the leading Republican contender for 2024, presenting a potential rematch where age is a focal point. Interestingly, while 56% of respondents in the same poll consider Trump too old, 54% believe he remains mentally sharp enough for the presidency.

The generational divide is evident as Biden lags behind Trump among young voters aged 18-34, with Trump garnering 46% to Biden's 42% in an NBC News poll. This is a notable shift from the 2020 election, where Biden led the 18-29 demographic by over 20 points. Overall, Trump edges out Biden by 2 percentage points among voters of all ages in a hypothetical matchup.

Biden's approval rating has dipped to 40%, with 57% disapproving of his performance, reflecting dissatisfaction with his handling of foreign policy and the Israel-Hamas conflict. Among voters, 62% disapprove of his foreign policy, and Democrats are split on Israel's military actions, with 51% considering them excessive.

As the political landscape heats up with the approach of the 2024 election, the debate over age, experience, and voter support continues to shape the narrative. With margins of error ranging from plus or minus 3.1 to 6.2 percentage points in the polls, the race remains fluid, leaving the electorate pondering whether age should be a decisive factor in choosing the country's leader.

Republican Bias:

Once again, we see the liberal media and the Democratic party trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the American public. The truth is, Biden's age and declining mental acuity is a clear and present danger to the stability of our nation. This isn't about experience, it's about capability, and the facts are clear: 77% of Americans, including a majority of his own party, question his fitness for the office. This is a man who jokes about being "198 years old," but refuses to address the legitimate concerns of the American people. Meanwhile, Trump, at the same age, is considered by 54% to be mentally sharp enough for the presidency. The youth are waking up to this, as we see Trump surpassing Biden in the 18-34 demographic. Biden's approval rating is plummeting, with the majority disapproving of his disastrous foreign policy and mishandling of the Israel-Hamas conflict. The Democrats can try to spin this, but the American people are not fooled. Age should be a factor when it compromises the safety and prosperity of our nation.

Liberal Bias:

The conservative spin machine is in full swing, attempting to weaponize President Biden's age against him. They conveniently ignore the fact that their darling, Donald Trump, is the same age and is being touted as their 2024 contender. It's the same old fear-mongering and ageism that they used against Reagan, who served effectively until he was 77. The fact is, Biden's age and experience bring wisdom and a steady hand in a tumultuous world. The conservative narrative conveniently glosses over the fact that Biden is only 4 points behind Trump in the 18-34 demographic, a group that overwhelmingly supported him in 2020. They also fail to mention that Trump is considered too old by 56% of respondents. The conservatives are desperately trying to distract from their own party's divisiveness and lack of a clear platform. The question of age is a smokescreen, a diversion from the real issues at hand. The American people deserve better.

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