Joe Biden's Campaign Raises $38 Million Post-Debate

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Sunday, July 7, 2024 at 6:04 AM CDT

Joe Biden's Campaign Raises $38 Million Post-Debate

Joe Biden's campaign has raised an impressive $38 million since the debate against Donald Trump over a week ago. Despite experiencing a challenging debate where Biden appeared lost next to a rambling Trump, his campaign saw a surge in donations, raising $27 million the day following the debate compared to Trump's $8 million.

Michael Tyler, the communications director for Biden's campaign, emphasized the resilience of Biden's supporters on MSNBC's "The Weekend." Tyler stated that the post-debate donations marked "one of our most successful stretches of the campaign so far," asserting that Biden is "the best person to take on Donald Trump" and will fight harder to defeat him.

The Biden campaign, acknowledging the hit it took during the debate, plans to spend $50 million on paid advertising and knock on 3 million doors in July. However, since Biden's first presidential debate against Trump, there have been growing calls from Democratic colleagues and top donors for Biden to either convince the public he is fit for a second term or step aside. Notably, Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia has been rallying his colleagues in Congress to ask Biden to drop out of the race, and Netflix cofounder Reed Hastings was one of the first megadonors of the Democratic Party to call on Biden to end his campaign.

In a recent interview with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos, Biden dismissed the gravity of his campaign's woes, attributing his debate performance to a "bad night" and dismissing poll numbers showing him trailing Trump. Biden discredited any rumblings within the Democratic Party about a new nominee, emphasizing his commitment to remain in the race, stating that only the "Lord Almighty" could get him to drop out.

Despite raising $127 million in June, surpassing the Trump campaign's $112 million, Biden is facing criticism after appearing unsure whether he watched his debate performance back during the interview with Stephanopoulos. His response, "I don't think I did, no," faced immediate backlash on social media, with Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung questioning how Biden could not know if he re-watched the debate. Brand strategist and HuffPost contributor Diane Mantouvalos noted that it "should have been an anticipated question, to which he could have answered: I've seen clips."

Biden's debate performance was marked by fumbling his words, losing his train of thought, and struggling with a raspy voice, raising concerns among Democratic donors and supporters about his age and mental agility. Despite these concerns, Biden avoided a repeat of his debate mishaps in the latest interview and restated his commitment to remaining in the race.

The Biden campaign remains focused on its strategy, with a spokesperson telling Business Insider that the interview with Stephanopoulos demonstrated Biden is the right person to run against Trump. Biden also highlighted his achievements, such as organizing a South Pacific initiative with AUKUS and rallying 50 nations to support Ukraine amidst Russia's invasion under President Vladimir Putin.

In Wisconsin, Biden suggested he would beat Trump "again" in "2020," indicating a slip of the tongue regarding the election year, further fueling discussions about his candidacy. Nonetheless, Biden continues to push forward, determined to secure a second term despite the mounting pressure.

Conservative Bias:

Folks, it's time to face the facts. Joe Biden's campaign is a sinking ship, and the liberal media is doing everything it can to keep it afloat. Despite a disastrous debate performance where Biden could barely string a sentence together, his campaign magically raises $38 million. How convenient! This is the same Biden who can't even remember if he watched his own debate performance. The Democrats are in full panic mode, with top donors and even Democratic senators calling for Biden to step aside. But no, Biden insists he's the man for the job, even though he can't remember what year it is. This is the kind of incompetence and delusion you get when liberals are in charge. They're trying to buy their way out of a failing campaign because they know their policies and their candidate are a complete disaster. Wake up, America! The liberal agenda is crumbling right before our eyes. It's time to put an end to this madness and bring back some real leadership.

Liberal Bias:

Here we go again with the conservative spin machine, desperately trying to tear down Joe Biden while ignoring the facts. Biden's campaign raised $38 million post-debate because people believe in his vision for America, not because of some imagined liberal media conspiracy. Yes, Biden had a rough night at the debate, but unlike Trump, he owns up to his mistakes and moves forward. The Republicans are so scared of Biden that they're fabricating stories about his mental agility and trying to push him out of the race. It's a classic conservative tactic: create chaos and confusion to distract from their own failures. Biden has shown resilience and determination, qualities that are sorely lacking in the Republican Party. While Trump and his cronies continue to spread lies and misinformation, Biden is focused on real issues like supporting Ukraine and organizing international initiatives. The GOP is terrified because they know Biden is the right person to take on Trump and win. So, they resort to their usual smear tactics, but the American people see through it. It's time to stand up against these conservative attacks and support a candidate who truly cares about this country.

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