Hunter Biden Faces Federal Gun Charges

Grayson Larkspur

Updated Tuesday, June 4, 2024 at 6:04 AM CDT

Hunter Biden Faces Federal Gun Charges

In a landmark moment for American politics, the federal gun case against President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, officially commenced on Tuesday with opening statements from both parties' lawyers. This trial marks the first time a child of a sitting president faces a criminal trial, drawing national attention amidst a politically charged atmosphere.

A jury of 12 individuals and four alternates was seated in Delaware, the Biden family's home state, to adjudicate the charges against Hunter Biden. He stands accused of three felonies stemming from a 2018 firearm purchase made during his battle with crack addiction. Specifically, Hunter is charged with lying to a federally licensed gun dealer, falsely claiming on the application that he was not a drug user, and illegally possessing the firearm for 11 days.

The trial follows the collapse of a proposed plea deal that would have spared Hunter a trial near the 2024 election. This plea deal, questioned by Judge Maryellen Noreika, included a guilty plea to misdemeanor offenses for tax crimes and a diversion agreement on the gun charge. Noreika, a Trump-nominated federal judge, raised concerns about the deal’s unusual aspects, leading to its eventual breakdown.

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed David Weiss, the former U.S. attorney for Delaware, as special counsel in August, and Hunter was indicted just a month later. The indictment charges Hunter with purchasing a Colt Cobra revolver on October 12, 2018, while falsely certifying that he was not addicted to controlled substances. The trial will be presided over by Judge Noreika and is expected to last two weeks.

During jury selection, potential jurors were rigorously questioned about their ability to remain impartial, especially considering the high-profile nature of the case and their personal connections to the Biden family or political views. The final panel of jurors includes individuals with diverse backgrounds, including those with experiences related to gun ownership and substance abuse.

President Joe Biden has publicly expressed his unwavering support for his son, stating his "boundless love and confidence" in Hunter. First lady Jill Biden attended the court proceedings on her 73rd birthday, alongside Hunter's wife Melissa and sister Ashley.

Hunter Biden has pleaded not guilty, asserting that he is being unfairly targeted by the Justice Department. His defense attorney, Abbe Lowell, will argue against the prosecution led by special counsel Weiss' office. If convicted, Hunter faces a maximum prison sentence of up to 25 years, with each count carrying a fine of up to $250,000 and three years of supervised release.

The trial also occurs shortly after former President Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for the 2024 election, was convicted of 34 felonies in New York City. Conservative critics have attempted to leverage Hunter Biden’s legal troubles against President Biden, who denies any involvement in his son's legal matters.

Prosecutors plan to call around 12 witnesses, including Hunter's ex-wife Kathleen Buhle and his late brother’s widow, Hallie Olivere Biden. Key pieces of evidence will include excerpts from Hunter’s memoir, "Beautiful Things," and data from his phone and iPad.

Despite the significant personal and political stakes, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated that the case would not hinder President Biden's ability to perform his duties. As the trial unfolds, it promises to be a pivotal moment in American political history, with implications that may resonate far beyond the courtroom.

Conservative Bias:

Well, here we go again, folks. The liberal elites are at it, trying to shield their own while persecuting the innocent. Hunter Biden, the poster child for Democratic hypocrisy, finally faces the music for his blatant lies and illegal activities. This is the same guy who thought he could get away with lying on a gun application while being addicted to crack. And what do the Democrats do? They try to cook up a sweetheart plea deal to save their precious Hunter, only to be thwarted by a judge who saw through their charade. This trial is a testament to how the left protects its own, even when they break the law. The Justice Department, under the thumb of Merrick Garland, is finally forced to act, but only after immense public pressure and the appointment of a special counsel. Let's not forget, this is happening while President Biden, the so-called leader of the free world, stands by his son's side, showing his "unwavering support." It's a disgrace. Meanwhile, the same liberals who cry foul at every turn are silent on Hunter's crimes, proving once again that their moral outrage is nothing but a political tool. This trial is just the tip of the iceberg, exposing the deep corruption within the Democratic Party.

Liberal Bias:

Here we are, in the midst of another Republican witch hunt, targeting the Biden family to distract from their own failures and criminal activities. Hunter Biden, a man struggling with addiction, is being dragged through the mud by a Justice Department that has been weaponized by the right. This trial is nothing more than a political circus, orchestrated by Trump-appointed Judge Maryellen Noreika and special counsel David Weiss, who are hell-bent on smearing President Biden through his son. The collapse of the plea deal is just another example of the GOP's relentless pursuit of vengeance, using the justice system as their personal vendetta machine. And let's not forget, this is happening while Donald Trump, the actual criminal with 34 felony convictions, is running for president again. The Republicans are desperate, folks. They see the writing on the wall for 2024, and they know their only chance is to distract, deflect, and destroy. President Biden's support for his son is a testament to his character, standing by his family in the face of unprecedented attacks. This trial is a sham, a sideshow designed to undermine the Biden administration, and the American people see right through it.

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