House Republicans Engaged in Civil War: Impact on Governance and Impeachment

Avery Emberly

Updated Monday, September 18, 2023 at 4:44 AM CDT

House Republicans Engaged in Civil War: Impact on Governance and Impeachment

House Republicans Engaged in a Civil War

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries referred to House Republicans as being engaged in a "civil war." He stated that this civil war has attributes of chaos, dysfunction, and extremism, and is hurting hard-working American taxpayers and limiting the ability to solve problems on their behalf.

Democrats Seeking Common Ground Amidst Republican Civil War

House Democrats will continue to try and find common ground with the other side of the aisle, despite the ongoing civil war within House Republicans. Speaker Kevin McCarthy is likely to need a unified GOP caucus to avoid a potentially devastating government shutdown at the end of the month. House Republicans are urged to unify to prevent a government shutdown, as the Republican majority in the House is small.

Division and Consequences of the Republican Civil War

The civil war within House Republicans is causing division and potential negative consequences, affecting the ability to effectively govern and address key issues. Hakeem Jeffries called for Republican colleagues in the House to stop fighting each other and end the Republican civil war. Jeffries did not say whether House Democrats would help bail out McCarthy if members of his caucus move to oust him. Nancy Mace expressed dismay over Jeffries' use of the term "civil war," but did not state whether she would support McCarthy if someone attempts to oust him. Mace said, "We'll see how it turns out."

GOP Lawmakers' Inconsistency on Impeachment

A new supercut video from MSNBC shows top GOP lawmakers having different feelings about impeachment when Donald Trump was the subject. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Rep. Jim Jordan, and Rep. Elise Stefanik are among the lawmakers featured in the video. McCarthy, then minority leader, said during Trump's first impeachment in 2019 that their job is to legislate, not to continue investigating something without reason to impeach the president. McCarthy recently opened an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden based on debunked claims and evidence not made public. Jordan complained in 2019 that Democrats didn't have the votes to impeach Trump. Stefanik criticized the first impeachment process as politically motivated and unfair. Stefanik now supports McCarthy's decision to open an impeachment inquiry into Biden. The video highlights the inconsistency in GOP lawmakers' stance on impeachment.

Double Standard in GOP Approach to Impeachment

The GOP lawmakers' comments about impeachment are coming back to haunt them. The video suggests a double standard in how Republicans approach impeachment based on the party affiliation of the president being investigated. Kevin McCarthy opened an impeachment inquiry without a vote. Jim Jordan said Republicans "don't need" the votes to move forward. In 2020, Elise Stefanik complained that Trump's impeachment was "very partisan." 10 GOP lawmakers in the House crossed party lines to join the impeachment effort. Stefanik now has no problem with an impeachment that doesn't have the full support of her own party. The comments were aired on "The Mehdi Hasan" show on Sunday night. The supercut compares and contrasts the statements of Kevin McCarthy, Elise Stefanik, Jim Jordan, and James Comer on impeachment and impeachment inquiries in 2019 versus their current statements. The supercut was shared by Mehdi Hasan on Twitter. The video includes receipts. The video was shared on September 18, 2023.

McCarthy's Impeachment Inquiry into President Biden

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California, has opened an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. McCarthy stated that House Republicans will eventually subpoena Hunter Biden, the president's son, as part of their investigation into Hunter Biden's business dealings. House Republicans allege that Joe Biden personally benefited from Hunter Biden's overseas dealings, although no substantial evidence has been produced to support this claim.

Strategy and Timing of the Impeachment Inquiry

McCarthy argued that the impeachment inquiry is an expansion of House Republicans' ongoing investigations to seek answers to their questions. McCarthy stated that Hunter Biden will be subpoenaed by House Republicans, but only at the appropriate time, based on the facts and timing of the investigation. McCarthy emphasized that there is a strategy behind the impeachment inquiry and that House Republicans only follow the facts. The impeachment inquiry aims to uncover the truth and obtain answers to the questions surrounding Hunter Biden's business dealings. The appropriate timing for subpoenaing Hunter Biden will be determined as the investigation progresses.

Republicans' Motives and Government Shutdown Concerns

Kevin McCarthy wants investigators to have more evidence before issuing a subpoena to Hunter Biden. Biden suggested Republicans are trying to impeach him because they want to shut down the government, while lawmakers have a September 30 deadline to pass spending bills to avoid a government shutdown. Some Republicans deny that the impeachment inquiry is related to funding the government and seeking spending cuts, with Florida Rep. Byron Donalds stating that Congress should be able to focus on both the impeachment inquiry and funding the government.

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