Donald Trump's Running Mate Search Intensifies

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Updated Thursday, June 6, 2024 at 6:08 AM CDT

Donald Trump's Running Mate Search Intensifies

Donald Trump’s search for a running mate is intensifying as he awaits sentencing on felony charges and prepares for the Republican National Convention. Trump faces charges of falsifying business records related to a hush money payment to an adult film actor. His search is heavily concentrated on four top prospects: North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, and Sen. JD Vance of Ohio. Another source described the competition as a three-way race involving Burgum, Rubio, and Vance.

Vice presidential contenders recently received vetting materials, according to five sources familiar with the process. It remains unclear who all has been asked to provide vetting details that could rule them in or out. Notably, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum has been spending more time with Trump in recent weeks and is among those who received a vetting request. Advisers to Burgum and other potential running mates declined or did not respond to requests for comment.

Trump is working from a fluid shortlist that sometimes includes more than a half-dozen names, with additions, subtractions, and dark-horse candidates remaining possible. Other prospective running mates mentioned include South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, Reps. Elise Stefanik of New York, Byron Donalds of Florida, and Ben Carson, former HUD secretary. Trump campaign senior adviser Brian Hughes stated that anyone claiming to know who or when Trump will choose his VP is lying unless the person is named Donald J. Trump.

Trump has stated that a decision on his running mate is not likely until closer to the convention, which opens July 15 in Milwaukee. In 2016, Trump announced then-Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate days before the nominating convention in Cleveland. Last month, NBC News reported that the Trump campaign had yet to move beyond initial deep dives on prospective running mates. Recently, the Trump campaign began sending out questionnaires to potential running mates as the case neared its finish.

Doug Burgum and J.D. Vance used the trial as an unofficial audition stage for VP contenders. Longer-shot VP prospects like Byron Donalds joined Trump at the courthouse and defended him on TV. J.D. Vance argued that the trial's purpose was to label Trump as a "convicted felon" for political reasons. Doug Burgum suggested that Trump is strong enough to get elected without a vice president.

Former President Donald Trump will attend a private meeting with the Business Roundtable in Washington on June 13. Joshua Bolten, CEO of the Business Roundtable, confirmed Trump's attendance in an email to members. President Joe Biden was invited but cannot attend due to overseas travel for a G7 meeting. White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients will attend and address the group in Biden's stead. The meeting is off the record and closed to the press. The Business Roundtable confirmed that Trump will address the group’s members at their upcoming quarterly meeting.

Michael Steel, senior vice president of communications for the Business Roundtable, stated that Trump accepted the invitation. Trump will take part in a "moderated discussion" at the meeting. The invite to members came almost a week after Trump was convicted in New York of falsifying business records to hide a hush money payment to a p*** star. Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman recently endorsed Trump after previously seeking an alternative in 2022. JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, Carlyle Group CEO Harvey Schwartz, AT&T CEO John Stankey, and Chevron CEO Mike Wirth are among the business leaders Trump is courting.

The Business Roundtable did not always support Trump’s policies during his presidency. The group supported Trump's tax cuts but opposed his tariffs on Chinese products. Several Business Roundtable members resigned from White House business advisory councils after the Charlottesville attack in 2017. Chuck Robbins, chair and CEO of Cisco, and current chair of the Business Roundtable, condemned racism and white supremacy in 2017. The Business Roundtable also condemned the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021, and called on Trump to facilitate a peaceful transition of power.

Trump is likely to announce his running mate just before or during the convention, which starts on July 15 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Trump has suggested in interviews that there's a "pretty good chance" he will announce his running mate in Milwaukee.

Conservative Bias:

Once again, the liberal media is in a frenzy over President Trump's search for a running mate, completely ignoring the real story: the witch hunt against him by the radical left. This entire legal charade is nothing but a desperate attempt to tarnish his reputation and prevent him from saving America again. The Democrats can't stand that Trump is a fighter who won't back down, and they're terrified of his potential VP picks—true patriots like Doug Burgum, Marco Rubio, and J.D. Vance. These are leaders who will stand up to the socialist agenda and put America first. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is too busy jet-setting around the globe to even face the American people. The Business Roundtable knows where the real leadership is, and that's why they invited Trump, not Biden. The left can keep trying to sabotage him, but Trump and his future VP will prevail. America is watching, and we won't be fooled by their dirty tricks.

Liberal Bias:

The spectacle of Donald Trump's running mate search is just another chapter in the ongoing horror show of his political career. Facing felony charges for falsifying business records, Trump is desperately scrambling to find a running mate who can help him cling to power. His shortlist is a parade of sycophants and extremists, from Doug Burgum to J.D. Vance, all vying for the chance to stand beside a convicted felon. The Republican Party has become a cesspool of corruption, with Trump at its toxic center. Even the Business Roundtable, which once distanced itself from his disastrous policies and hateful rhetoric, is now bending over backward to accommodate him. Meanwhile, President Biden is busy addressing critical international issues, showing true leadership unlike Trump, who is busy courting CEOs and hiding from the press. The GOP's moral bankruptcy is on full display, and the American people deserve better than this circus of criminality and incompetence.

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