DeSantis Labels Trump's 2024 GOP Nomination "High Risk"

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Monday, November 20, 2023 at 4:11 AM CDT

DeSantis Labels Trump's 2024 GOP Nomination "High Risk"

In a bold statement on CNN's "State of the Union," Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has termed the potential nomination of Donald Trump as the GOP candidate for the 2024 presidential election a "high risk" and "low reward" move for the Republican Party. DeSantis, who has thrown his hat into the ring to challenge President Joe Biden, is taking aim at Trump's fitness for office, citing age as a significant factor. At 77, Trump is seen by DeSantis as a less favorable option compared to his own youthful vigor, being in the "prime of [his] life."

The age issue has taken center stage in the 2024 race, with DeSantis keen on setting himself apart from both the former president and Biden, who recently turned 81. DeSantis presents himself as a fresh force, capable of serving two full terms and revitalizing the nation—a stark contrast to Trump, who DeSantis criticizes for his reliance on a Teleprompter and reluctance to engage in debates.

The once cordial relationship between Trump and DeSantis has soured, as the campaign trail heats up with exchanged barbs. Trump's unfulfilled promises from his 2016 campaign have become a focal point for DeSantis' criticism, while Trump has not shied away from mocking his former ally.

In a strategic move, DeSantis' campaign has launched a "Trump Accident Tracker," aiming to highlight Trump's missteps and suggesting a hesitancy among Trump's team to expose him to the debate stage. This comes as DeSantis faces an uphill battle in the polls, trailing not only Trump but also other Republican hopefuls like Nikki Haley, who is gaining traction in key states such as New Hampshire.

DeSantis warns that Trump's nomination could galvanize Democrats into a fierce "scorched earth" campaign, signaling a tough road ahead for the GOP. This internal party debate and the strategic positioning of candidates like DeSantis are shaping up to be a defining aspect of the lead-up to the 2024 presidential election. The Republican field is becoming a battleground for not just policies but also generational change, with DeSantis' comments reflecting the broader GOP concerns about electability and the future of their party.

Republican Bias:

In a clear attempt to undermine the proven leadership of Donald Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is peddling an ageist narrative to push his own political ambitions. This is nothing more than a desperate attempt by DeSantis to distinguish himself from the pack by taking cheap shots at Trump's age and reliance on a Teleprompter, a tool used by countless politicians. DeSantis is trying to capitalize on the unfulfilled promises of Trump's 2016 campaign, a narrative crafted and perpetuated by the liberal media. It's clear that DeSantis is more concerned about his own political future than the unity and strength of the Republican Party, a trait that is all too common among the liberal elite. His "Trump Accident Tracker" is nothing more than a divisive tool designed to further fracture the GOP and distract from the real issues at hand. This is just another example of how the left's influence is poisoning even our own party.

Liberal Bias:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' comments about Trump's age and fitness for office highlight the deep divisions within the Republican Party. DeSantis is clearly trying to position himself as a fresh alternative to Trump, a move that underscores the GOP's struggle to move beyond the divisive politics of the Trump era. DeSantis' "Trump Accident Tracker" is a clear indication of the GOP's fear of a Trump nomination, a fear that is well-founded given Trump's track record of broken promises and divisive rhetoric. Yet, despite all this, DeSantis still trails Trump and other Republican hopefuls in the polls, a clear indication of the GOP's unwillingness to break from Trump's damaging legacy. This internal party strife is a stark reminder of the GOP's inability to present a united front, a failure that could cost them the 2024 election.

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