Biden's Infrastructure Struggles

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Monday, June 24, 2024 at 6:06 AM CDT

Biden's Infrastructure Struggles

President Joe Biden has faced significant challenges in making his $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure law resonate with American voters. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who is also a cochair of Biden's reelection campaign and a potential 2028 presidential candidate, shared insights with The New York Times on why Biden's achievements are not gaining the expected traction.

Whitmer, known for her effective political messaging and her 2018 campaign pledge to "fix the damn roads," attributed much of the voter disconnect to pandemic fatigue. "People are stressed out and focused on immediate concerns like paying grocery bills and getting their kids to school," she explained. This sentiment underscores the broader issue that many voters are simply not plugged into the activities of Washington, D.C.

Despite Biden considering the infrastructure law one of his major political achievements, recent surveys indicate only a slight edge over former President Trump on the issue. A Politico-Morning Consult poll in April showed that 40% of registered voters believe Biden has done more on infrastructure upgrades and job creation, while 37% credit Trump for making more progress.

Whitmer emphasized the need for Democrats to communicate more effectively about the infrastructure overhaul and the CHIPS Act, intended to boost semiconductor manufacturing in the United States. The governor pointed out that voters are often preoccupied with daily responsibilities, making it difficult for them to stay informed about significant legislative achievements.

In addition to infrastructure challenges, the Biden administration is navigating complex labor issues. New York City officials are urging for expedited work authorizations for migrants to alleviate overcrowded shelters. Meanwhile, the administration faces criticism for allegedly appealing to unions during an election season, with Biden declaring himself the most pro-union president in history.

The Public Labor Union Accountability Committee (PLUAC), with Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson as a senior adviser, has accused Health & Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra of pushing for Medicare call center contractors to unionize. This has led to a rebid of a $7 billion Medicare contract affecting around 10,000 employees, with workers in right-to-work states striking in response.

Critics, including Rep. Jim Banks and Sen. Bill Cassidy, argue that the administration's actions are a "naked political giveaway to union bosses" and accuse Biden of sacrificing continuity of care for older Americans to benefit labor unions. Cassidy's office produced a report claiming the administration is "weaponizing executive authority" over U.S. labor policy, citing a Department of Labor rule reclassifying independent contractors.

As Biden's administration continues to navigate these multifaceted challenges, the focus remains on bridging the gap between legislative achievements and voter recognition, a task made all the more urgent by the looming 2024 election season.

Conservative Bias:

Once again, the liberals are showing their true colors by pushing a so-called "infrastructure" agenda that seems more like a desperate attempt to pander to their base rather than actually helping the American people. Biden's $1.2 trillion infrastructure law, which they love to brag about, is falling flat with voters because people are too busy dealing with the mess the Democrats have created—skyrocketing grocery bills, failing schools, and a pandemic response that left everyone exhausted. Governor Gretchen Whitmer, a typical Democrat, tries to blame "pandemic fatigue" for why voters aren't buying what they're selling. Let's be clear: the reason Americans aren't resonating with this infrastructure law is that it's just another example of Democrats wasting taxpayer money without delivering real results.

And let's not forget the labor issues. Biden, the self-proclaimed "most pro-union president in history," is bending over backward for union bosses at the expense of American workers and seniors. His administration is pushing for Medicare call center contractors to unionize, leading to chaos and strikes in right-to-work states. This isn't about helping workers; it's about securing votes from powerful unions. Critics like Rep. Jim Banks and Sen. Bill Cassidy are right to call this out as a "naked political giveaway." The Democrats are weaponizing executive authority to serve their interests, not the American people's. This is the kind of corruption and incompetence that defines the liberal agenda.

Liberal Bias:

The conservative agenda is once again on full display as they try to undermine President Biden's significant achievements, particularly his landmark $1.2 trillion infrastructure law. Despite the immense progress being made to rebuild America's crumbling infrastructure, Republicans are doing everything they can to distract and deceive voters. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer rightly points out that pandemic fatigue has made it difficult for voters to stay informed about these crucial legislative achievements. But let's be honest, the GOP's constant fear-mongering and misinformation campaigns are a major reason why voters are disconnected.

Moreover, the Republican attack on labor rights is as vicious as ever. Biden's administration is working to support workers and unions, but conservatives are spinning this as some sort of "political giveaway." The reality is that Biden is trying to ensure fair wages and better working conditions, something Republicans have always opposed. Their criticism of Health & Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra for advocating unionization in Medicare call centers is just another example of their anti-worker stance. Sen. Bill Cassidy's claims about "weaponizing executive authority" are nothing more than baseless accusations aimed at protecting corporate interests over American workers. The GOP's relentless attacks on labor rights and their refusal to acknowledge Biden's accomplishments are a clear indication of their priorities: maintaining power and serving the wealthy elite.

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