Biden's Debate Performance Shakes New Hampshire Voters as 2024 Election Looms

Sophia Moonstone

Updated Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 6:06 AM CDT

Biden's Debate Performance Shakes New Hampshire Voters as 2024 Election Looms

Voters in New Hampshire, a crucial northeastern swing state, are expressing significant concerns about President Biden's debate performance against former President Trump, which they say will heavily influence their decision for the 2024 election. Nearly a dozen voters shared their views at a highway rest area between Concord and Manchester, New Hampshire's largest city.

President Biden's halting delivery and stumbling answers during the debate in Atlanta have caused widespread panic within the Democratic Party. Six House Democrats have publicly called on Biden to end his re-election bid, while four House Democrats with key committee positions suggested Biden step aside during a private call. Despite these concerns, Biden sent a letter to congressional Democrats reiterating his commitment to the race and emphasizing the importance of unity to defeat Trump.

Among the voters, Mario, despite not being a Trump supporter, considers Trump to be "a little bit younger, a little bit more with it." Another voter, William Yacopucci, praised Biden's presidency but suggested someone else should run in the future due to Biden's age. Al Byrnes expressed sadness over Biden's debate performance but would still support him over Trump. Rose criticized both Biden and Trump's debate performances, feeling they were talking in circles.

California Governor Gavin Newsom, a top surrogate for Biden's re-election campaign, spoke with voters at a highway rest area in Hooksett, New Hampshire. Newsom criticized the small number of Democratic lawmakers urging Biden to end his re-election bid and emphasized that the "overwhelming majority of the caucus" still supports Biden. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre denied that President Biden was treated for Parkinson’s disease, and Newsom stated he has no concerns about Biden's cognitive abilities.

National polls after the debate showed Trump widening his lead over Biden. Despite denials, media reports frequently mention Newsom as a potential replacement if Biden ends his re-election campaign. Newsom suggested that media attention on him is an intentional distraction orchestrated by conservative media and argued that intentional misinformation is being used to create confusion.

NBC's Seth Meyers scolded President Biden for not taking his poor debate performance seriously enough during his show "Late Night." Meyers focused on Biden's post-debate interview with ABC News where Biden told George Stephanopoulos he would be satisfied with the election results if he "gave it his all." Meyers mocked Biden's statement, comparing it to giving one's all in salsa lessons at a retirement home and slammed Biden for not taking the threat of a second Trump term seriously enough. Meyers emphasized that the issue is about how voters feel, not Biden's personal feelings, and advised Biden to act seriously if he believes American democracy is at stake.

Two weeks after President Joe Biden’s debate performance, many Democrats are still concerned about his ability to defeat Donald Trump in November. Biden and his team are no longer discussing the debate performance and are focused on defeating Donald Trump. Biden's aides assert that there are no outstanding questions about his political future and that he is staying in the race. A senior administration official expressed that they are moving on from the debate to focus on their day job.

The White House press briefing on Tuesday was dominated by questions about Biden’s health, mental fitness, and the political fallout of the debate. Diplomats in Washington for the NATO summit are nervous about Biden’s ability to defeat Trump again. Biden is scheduled to face the press in a solo news conference at the NATO summit, where he will be questioned about his political future and health. A longtime adviser to Biden stated that Biden has not considered withdrawing from the race and believes he is the only person who can defeat Donald Trump. Biden’s family, including his wife Jill and sister Valerie, remain supportive of his pursuit of a second term.

Biden has been personally reassuring nervous supporters by calling into meetings with donors and elected officials, and he wrote a letter to Democratic lawmakers urging them to move past the debate. "We have 42 days to the Democratic Convention and 119 days to the general election," a Democratic official stated. Democratic elected officials on Capitol Hill expressed concerns about President Biden's viability in their respective caucus meetings, with some feeling the president's letter to his colleagues was dismissive. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is facing daily questions about President Biden's health and medical records from reporters, acknowledging the past few weeks have been "unprecedented" and stating she was working to "meet the moment" in her press statements.

Conservative Bias:

Well, folks, here we go again with the liberal disaster that is Joe Biden. His debate performance was an absolute train wreck, and even his own party is in full-blown panic mode. Six House Democrats are openly telling him to step aside, and for good reason! The man can barely string a sentence together without stumbling. Meanwhile, Trump is out there showing he's still sharp and ready to lead this country. But what do the Democrats do? They trot out Gavin Newsom to do damage control and pretend everything is fine. It's pathetic. And let's not forget the liberal media, always trying to spin the narrative and distract from the fact that Biden is a walking disaster. They're even floating Newsom as a potential replacement! This is what happens when you let liberals run the show—they can't even get their own house in order, let alone run a country. Wake up, America!

Liberal Bias:

It's another day in the Republican circus, folks. President Biden, despite a few debate missteps, remains the most competent and compassionate choice for America. But the Republicans, led by their demagogue Trump, are seizing on every opportunity to spread fear and misinformation. Trump's so-called "lead" in the polls is nothing but a mirage, propped up by a conservative media machine hell-bent on undermining democracy. And let's talk about the GOP's hypocrisy for a second: they criticize Biden's age and health while ignoring Trump's own erratic behavior and questionable fitness for office. The Republican Party is a cesspool of lies and deceit, with their only strategy being to tear down the opposition rather than offer any real solutions. The future of American democracy is at stake, and the GOP's antics are a clear and present danger to everything this country stands for.

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