Biden Taunts Trump as 'Convicted Felon' at High-Dollar Fundraiser

Noah Silverbrook

Updated Wednesday, June 19, 2024 at 6:06 AM CDT

Biden Taunts Trump as 'Convicted Felon' at High-Dollar Fundraiser

In a fiery speech at a high-dollar fundraiser on Tuesday, President Joe Biden taunted Donald Trump as a “convicted felon” and accused the former president of waging an “all-out assault” on the U.S. legal system. The event, hosted at the home of former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe in McLean, Virginia, raised $8 million for Biden's reelection campaign and featured notable attendees such as author John Grisham, Jill Biden, and former first lady Hillary Clinton.

During his speech, Biden referenced Trump's 34 felony convictions in a New York hush money case, framing it as a political strength. The Biden campaign has launched a $50 million ad buy highlighting Trump's conviction. Biden and his top surrogates have raised roughly $40 million over the last five days, including a record-breaking $30 million at a Los Angeles fundraiser with movie stars and former President Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton compared herself to Cassandra from Greek mythology, who could see the future but wasn't believed, referencing her warnings about Trump in 2016. She described Trump as a “clear and present danger” and criticized his presidency for causing tremendous damage. Bill Clinton thanked donors and praised Biden for his standards, values, and impact. McAuliffe humorously offered to mow the White House lawn if Biden wins again.

Biden's reelection campaign spokesman Kevin Munoz emphasized the importance of recent fundraising for ads, organizers, and voter outreach. Despite Trump's $50.5 million raised at an April gathering in Florida and the $141 million raised by the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee in May, Biden has ramped up his fundraising efforts.

In addition to his fundraising efforts, Biden's Cabinet is promoting ways the administration has worked to reduce costs, addressing a top issue for voters. Over two dozen events will be held in 15 states, including battleground states like Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm will focus on energy costs in Nevada, while Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will discuss housing costs in Minnesota, and Acting Labor Secretary Julie Su will address wage boosts in Georgia.

The administration’s efforts on food costs, student loans, and healthcare have been opposed by Republicans. National Economic Council Director Lael Brainard criticized congressional Republicans for not offering proposals on inflation. Biden has released a new direct-to-camera television ad focused on price pressures, citing his middle-class upbringing to empathize with struggling American families.

As Biden's new plan to protect undocumented people married to Americans from deportation emerges, Trump's campaign has refocused on economic issues, accusing Biden of burdening taxpayers while funding benefits for undocumented immigrants.

The Cabinet tour began on Monday and will conclude next Thursday, coinciding with the first presidential debate between Biden and Trump. This concerted effort underscores the Biden administration's commitment to addressing voter concerns and countering Trump's narrative ahead of the 2024 elections.

Conservative Bias:

Well, folks, here we go again with Sleepy Joe Biden and his band of liberal elites, throwing around millions of dollars at high-dollar fundraisers while the average American struggles to make ends meet. Biden had the audacity to call Trump a "convicted felon," a cheap shot from a man whose own party is drowning in corruption and incompetence. The Democrats are so desperate to cling to power that they’re parading around Hollywood stars and washed-up politicians like Hillary Clinton, who, by the way, still can’t get over her 2016 loss. They’re raising obscene amounts of money to push their socialist agenda, all while ignoring the real issues facing hardworking Americans. Biden's Cabinet is out there on a taxpayer-funded tour, pretending to care about reducing costs when their policies have done nothing but drive inflation through the roof. And let’s not forget their latest scheme to protect undocumented immigrants, putting even more strain on American taxpayers. This is the liberal playbook, folks—distract, deflect, and deceive. But we see right through it. Trump is focused on real economic issues, and come 2024, the American people will too.

Liberal Bias:

Once again, we see the grotesque spectacle of the Republican Party rallying around a twice-impeached, convicted felon in Donald Trump. President Biden, in a moment of sheer courage and clarity, called out Trump for what he is—a criminal who has waged an all-out assault on our legal system. Yet, the GOP continues to enable this disgraceful behavior, showing their utter disdain for the rule of law. While Biden and his team are tirelessly working to address real issues like energy costs, housing, and wages, the Republicans are busy obstructing every effort to help struggling Americans. They have no proposals on inflation, no plans to reduce costs—just empty rhetoric and fear-mongering. And let’s talk about their hypocrisy on immigration; they scream about taxpayer burdens while ignoring the immense contributions of immigrants to our society. Biden’s fundraising success is a testament to the faith people have in his leadership, unlike the GOP’s reliance on dark money and shady deals. As Biden's administration tours the country addressing voter concerns, the contrast couldn't be clearer: a president committed to progress versus a party stuck in the past, clinging to a corrupt, dangerous figure like Trump.

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