Biden Struggles in First 2024 Debate

Mia Nightshade

Updated Friday, June 28, 2024 at 6:04 AM CDT

Biden Struggles in First 2024 Debate

In a highly anticipated first presidential debate of 2024, President Joe Biden, 81, faced significant challenges, exhibiting a weak, raspy voice and frequently stumbling over his words. Biden's performance sparked concerns about his age and health, particularly when he ended a rambling statement with "We finally beat Medicare," before being cut off by moderators. The Biden campaign later explained his h***seness as being due to a cold.

Former President Donald Trump seized on Biden's missteps, questioning his mental acuity and accusing him of being a criminal and peddling misinformation. Trump stated he didn't understand Biden's comments about the border and criticized Biden's healthcare policy gaffe, saying, "Well, he's right. He did beat Medicare. He beat it to death, and he's destroying Medicare."

The debate came at a critical moment for Biden, with polls showing a neck-and-neck race. Concerns about his age and frailty have negatively impacted his polling numbers, exacerbated by deceptively edited viral videos. A Democratic strategist described Biden's debate performance as "collective suicide" for the party, saying it reaffirmed negative voter perceptions.

Despite a rocky start, Biden improved as the debate progressed, notably retorting to Trump, "Only one of us is a convicted felon, and I’m looking at him." The debate's format, which included the muting of candidates' microphones, added a new dimension compared to the 2020 debates marked by Trump's interruptions.

Jon Stewart, host of "The Daily Show," also weighed in, calling the debate a disaster for Biden. He joked about Biden's mistake, saying, "A high-pressure situation. A lot of times, you can confuse saving Medicare with beating it." Stewart also highlighted a supercut showing people with "resting 25th Amendment face" while Trump spoke, referencing the constitutional amendment for presidential succession.

The Biden campaign viewed the debate as a pivotal moment, with pro-Biden American Bridge 21st Century super PAC spokesman Brandon Weathersby criticizing Trump for prioritizing his own image and interests. Meanwhile, former Trump campaign officials suggested Biden's performance made Trump look competent and energetic.

Since taking office, Biden has created 15 million jobs and maintained a relatively low unemployment rate of 4%. However, high consumer goods prices remain a concern for voters. Biden also accused Trump of encouraging the January 6 Capitol Hill riot, while Trump argued Biden should be ashamed for arresting the participants.

With the first 2024 general election debate taking place unusually early, more than two months ahead of Labor Day, Republican strategist Matt Gorman noted that early debates can set the narrative for months, impacting the tone of subsequent debates. As the race heats up, both Biden and Trump face scrutiny over their age and fitness for office, with Stewart remarking that it's not crazy to think that the oldest presidential candidates might have challenges.

Conservative Bias:

Well, folks, what we witnessed last night was nothing short of a disaster for the Democratic Party. Joe Biden, the so-called leader of the free world, stumbled and mumbled his way through the debate, showcasing exactly why he’s unfit to hold office. This is what happens when you let the radical left push an aging, frail man into the spotlight. Biden’s performance was a clear indicator that he is not mentally or physically capable of leading this nation. And let’s not forget his gaffe about Medicare – he’s not saving it, he's destroying it. Trump was right to call him out for his incompetence and criminal behavior. The liberal media might try to spin this, but the American people saw the truth: Biden is a puppet, and his strings are being pulled by the extreme left. The Democrats are in panic mode, and it’s clear why – they’re backing a candidate who can barely string a sentence together. This debate was a collective suicide for the Democratic Party, and it’s only a matter of time before the voters wake up to their deception. Trump, on the other hand, showed strength and clarity, proving once again why he’s the leader we need. The liberals can try to mute his microphone, but they can’t mute the truth. The age and health concerns are real, and Biden’s performance last night was the final nail in the coffin for his campaign. The American people deserve better than this liberal circus.

Liberal Bias:

Last night’s debate was a glaring example of the depths to which the Republican Party will sink to prop up their criminal-in-chief, Donald Trump. Joe Biden, despite facing an onslaught of lies and interruptions from Trump, managed to hold his ground and even deliver some sharp retorts. But let’s be clear, the real issue here is Trump’s relentless misinformation campaign and his blatant disregard for the truth. His comments about Biden’s healthcare policy were nothing but fear-mongering, designed to distract from his own disastrous record. Trump, a man who incited an insurrection, has the audacity to question Biden’s mental acuity while he himself is a convicted felon. The Republicans are desperate, and their strategy is to attack Biden’s age and health to divert attention from their own failures. Jon Stewart rightly pointed out the absurdity of the situation – Trump’s supporters are so brainwashed that they’ll believe anything he says, no matter how ridiculous. The debate format, designed to prevent Trump’s constant interruptions, still couldn’t stop him from spewing lies. Biden has created millions of jobs and kept unemployment low, yet the Republicans continue to sabotage his efforts and blame him for issues they’ve exacerbated. The early timing of the debate shows just how desperate the GOP is to set a narrative that distracts from Trump’s criminality and incompetence. The American people deserve a leader who is honest and capable, not a demagogue who prioritizes his own image over the country’s wellbeing. It’s time to see through the Republican smokescreen and recognize that Biden, despite his imperfections, is the only candidate who can restore dignity and sanity to the White House.

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