Ultimate Guide to Evading Pursuers: Hiding Spots and Misdirection Tactics

William Lewis

Updated Tuesday, July 9, 2024 at 7:44 AM CDT

Ultimate Guide to Evading Pursuers: Hiding Spots and Misdirection Tactics

Choosing the Perfect Mountain Town

When it comes to evading pursuers, selecting a relatively close mountain town as your initial hiding spot can be a strategic move. Mountain towns often have rugged terrain, making it difficult for trackers to follow your trail. Moreover, these locations are typically less populated, allowing you to blend in more easily without drawing attention.

One of the key advantages of a mountain town is the proximity to natural features like lakes and trails. These elements provide multiple routes for you to take, making it harder for anyone to predict your path. Once you cross a lake and hit the trails, you can go off-trail to find the perfect hiding spot.

Setting Up Your Camouflaged Hideout

After selecting a spot in a valley, it's crucial to set up camo nets supplemented with local vegetation. This will help you blend into your surroundings and make it difficult for searchers to find you. The hike to your hiding spot should take less than one day, giving you ample time to set up your hideout without rushing.

Using camo nets and local vegetation not only conceals you from view but also helps you stay hidden from thermal imaging equipment. The valley location itself makes it challenging for searchers to locate you, even if they have advanced tracking tools.

Multiple Modes of Transportation

To effectively hide your trail, use multiple modes of transportation. Start by getting a ride to the mountain town with someone else. Then, have another person drive your vehicle to a local river. After putting a kayak in the water, leave your car there to create a misleading trail.

Using various transportation methods confuses potential trackers, making it difficult for them to follow your movements. Additionally, purchasing plane tickets to random destinations can further mislead anyone trying to track you.

Creating Misleading Trails

Rent a car under your name and have someone else drive it across the country to a family member. Use your credit card for food and fuel to create misleading trails. This tactic not only throws off pursuers but also buys you valuable time to reach your ultimate hiding spot.

The goal is to create as many false leads as possible, making it nearly impossible for anyone to pinpoint your exact location. The more misleading trails you create, the safer you will be.

Urban Evasion Tactics

If people are not actively searching, consider hiding in the crawl space of one of your rental properties. The crawl space is an excellent hiding spot because nobody ever goes there. However, if you are actively pursued, drive six hours away to a city with your phone.

Once in the city, ditch your phone on a moving car to lead pursuers on a wild goose chase. Change clothes completely after ditching the phone to avoid being recognized. Take a bus to a nearby small town with minimal CCTV presence to further evade detection.

Backroad Escape Plan

In the small town, steal a car and drive on backroads to avoid detection. Use the highway only when necessary to return to your city. This method ensures that you remain off the radar and out of sight.

Ultimately, hiding in the crawl space of your rental property will keep you undiscovered. The combination of rural and urban evasion tactics, along with multiple modes of transportation and misleading trails, will make it extremely difficult for anyone to track you down.

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