The Rising Stress of the 2024 Presidential Election

Alexander Wright

Updated Saturday, July 6, 2024 at 1:02 PM CDT

The Rising Stress of the 2024 Presidential Election

The Historical Stability of U.S. Political Parties

Historically, the United States has been characterized by two fairly normal and functional political parties. These parties, while often in disagreement on various issues, generally supported democracy and constitutional governance. The political landscape was marked by a sense of stability, where losing an election did not lead to massive disruptions in people's daily lives.

In the past, the political environment allowed for healthy debates and disagreements, but there was a mutual respect for democratic principles. This respect ensured that the transition of power was smooth and that the core values of the nation remained intact. The current political climate, however, has shifted dramatically from these past norms.

Current Perceptions of Political Parties

Today, the political scene is markedly different. One political party is perceived by many as wanting a dictatorship, while the other is seen as meek and subservient. This stark contrast has led to a heightened sense of instability and anxiety among the populace. The meekness of the latter party suggests a lack of strong opposition, which only exacerbates fears about the future governance of the country.

The perception of one party being extreme, or "bats***-crazy," highlights the growing polarization and extreme views within the political spectrum. This polarization is not only concerning but also poses a threat to the democratic principles that have long been the foundation of the United States.

The Shift in Political Climate

The political climate has shifted dramatically from past norms, leading to a diminished sense of stability in political outcomes. The stress from the political environment is more intense than ever before, causing anxiety about the future governance of the country. The fear of losing democratic principles is a significant concern for many citizens.

The current political dynamics are not just about the upcoming election but also about the potential long-term impacts on the nation's governance. The political environment feels more hostile and unpredictable, making it difficult for citizens to feel secure about the future.

The Alarming Desire for Dictatorship

The desire for a dictatorship by one political party is particularly alarming. This shift towards extreme authoritarianism is seen as a direct threat to constitutional governance. The historical political stability that once characterized the U.S. is now contrasted with the current instability, leading to increased stress and concern among the populace.

The potential long-term impacts of this shift are not just about the election but about the very fabric of the nation's democratic principles. The fear of losing these principles is driving the heightened stress and anxiety among citizens, making the 2024 presidential election one of the most stressful in recent history.

The Threat to Constitutional Governance

The current political situation is seen as a significant threat to constitutional governance. The sense of stability that once characterized political outcomes has diminished, leading to a more hostile and unpredictable political environment. The stress and anxiety caused by this environment are more intense than ever before, highlighting the need for a return to more stable and democratic principles.

As the nation approaches the 2024 presidential election, the stress and anxiety are likely to continue to rise. The political polarization and the perception of extreme views within the political spectrum are contributing to a sense of instability and unpredictability. The future of the nation's governance hangs in the balance, making it more important than ever to support democratic principles and work towards a more stable political environment.

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