The Perception of Sharing Meals in Restaurants

Jaxon Wildwood

Updated Monday, September 18, 2023 at 3:21 AM CDT

The Perception of Sharing Meals in Restaurants

In a world where food portions seem to be growing larger by the day, the act of sharing a meal with a loved one or friend has become increasingly common. However, a recent Reddit post has sparked a debate on whether it is embarrassing to order one meal for two people in a restaurant. The post, titled "Is it embarrassing to order one meal for two people in a restaurant?" shares the experience of a couple who often share a single meal when dining out.

The original poster, neon-god8241, shares their surprise at the large food servings in the US compared to their home country in Asia. They explain that in their culture, it is common for two or even three people to share a single meal. They and their husband have continued this practice since moving to the US, always feeling satisfied and even having leftovers. However, during a brunch with a friend, they were told that sharing food in a restaurant is embarrassing.

The comments on the post provide a range of perspectives on the matter. WorldTallestEngineer shares their experience of receiving judgmental looks from waiters when ordering two meals for one person but states that they don't care. _Quiet-Storm_ emphasizes that nobody actually cares and encourages the couple to do what they want. larabesque85 questions the friend's insecurity and suggests that ordering two meals would be a waste of money and food.

One commenter, dumbdotcom, offers a unique perspective as a restaurant employee. They state that split plate tickets are extremely common and that they have never thought of it as embarrassing. They even suggest that the friend is the one being weird about the situation. pineapple_is_best agrees, emphasizing the importance of sharing rather than wasting food. They express a desire to order off the kids' menu for this very reason.

Another commenter, 2workigo, mentions that some restaurants may charge for an additional plate when sharing a meal. However, they also state that they wouldn't be embarrassed to share a meal unless it was a fine dining establishment. Many_Dark6429 shares their personal preference for not being able to finish a full portion size and not being a leftover person, making sharing meals a more sensible option for them.

The final commenter, MarkedByFerocity, delves into the reasons why some people may find sharing meals embarrassing. They suggest that it may imply financial struggles or a belief that the server will receive fewer tips. However, they emphasize that there is nothing wrong with sharing a meal and that ensuring proper compensation for the server is important.

The perception of sharing meals in restaurants varies greatly among individuals. While some may find it embarrassing, the majority of commenters on the Reddit post express that it is a common and acceptable practice. The act of sharing a meal not only reduces food waste but also allows for a more affordable dining experience. Ultimately, whether to share a meal or not should be a personal choice, free from judgment or embarrassment.

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