The Incredible Diet of Cheese and Potatoes: How is this Woman Functioning?

Jaxon Wildwood

Updated Tuesday, September 19, 2023 at 1:37 AM CDT

The Incredible Diet of Cheese and Potatoes: How is this Woman Functioning?

A Unique Eating Habits Revealed

One of the most fascinating aspects of human nature is our ability to adapt and survive in various conditions. This is exemplified by the case of a woman who exclusively eats cheese and potatoes, as shared by a Reddit user in the r/askreddit community. Despite the lack of variety in her diet, this woman seems to be functioning just fine. How is this possible?

The Nutritional Value of Potatoes

Potatoes, as it turns out, are a surprisingly nutritious food. Commenter ColmCaoineadh points out that at one point in history, the Irish relied heavily on potatoes and buttermilk as their primary sources of sustenance. This diet provided them with the necessary nutrients to maintain good health. While it is likely that some health problems may arise from such a limited diet in the long term, in the short term, potatoes can indeed meet basic nutritional needs.

The Human Body's Resilience

The human body is a remarkable machine capable of adapting to various circumstances. Commenter HydroGate highlights the fact that potatoes are a versatile food that can provide a wide range of nutrients. In fact, potatoes contain essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. As long as the woman in question consumes enough potatoes to meet her caloric and nutrient needs, she may be able to function adequately.

The Paleo Connection

Commenter Snorkelbender humorously refers to the woman's diet as the "true paleo diet." The paleo diet emphasizes consuming whole, unprocessed foods similar to what our ancestors would have eaten. While the woman's diet may not align with the traditional paleo diet, it does demonstrate the adaptability of the human body. Our ability to survive on a wide range of foods, including potatoes, is a testament to our evolutionary advantage.

The Importance of Supplements

While the woman in question may be functioning well currently, it is worth considering the long-term effects of her limited diet. Commenter fexverte shares their personal experience with a restricted diet and the need for multivitamin supplementation. It is possible that the woman may benefit from taking supplements to ensure she is receiving all the necessary vitamins and minerals her body needs.

The Role of Age and Individual Differences

As with any dietary pattern, age and individual differences play a significant role in how well the body can adapt. Commenter EntrepreneurMajor478 suggests that the woman's ability to function on such a limited diet may be influenced by her age. Younger individuals often have a higher tolerance for dietary restrictions, but as they age, the body's ability to compensate diminishes. It is essential for the woman to monitor her health closely and make adjustments if necessary.

Personal Anecdotes

Lastly, commenter Remarkable_Cheek2497 shares a personal anecdote about their mother's restricted diet. While their mother's diet consists of different foods, it serves as a reminder that long-term health consequences can arise from a lack of dietary variety. It is crucial for individuals with restricted diets to be mindful of their nutritional needs and seek professional guidance if necessary.

The case of the woman who exclusively eats cheese and potatoes is indeed intriguing. While her diet may seem unusual, it is a testament to the adaptability of the human body. Potatoes, being a versatile food, can provide essential nutrients. However, it is important for individuals with restricted diets to monitor their health closely and consider supplementing with vitamins and minerals to ensure they are meeting their nutritional needs.

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