The Catastrophic Consequences of an IQ-Based Extinction Event

Abigail Lee

Updated Tuesday, May 21, 2024 at 4:26 AM CDT

The Catastrophic Consequences of an IQ-Based Extinction Event

The Immediate Fallout

If everyone on the planet with an IQ over 100 were to drop dead right now, it would result in an immediate and catastrophic end to society. IQ is defined as a bell curve, meaning that 50% of people are above 100 and 50% are below. The aftermath of such an event would lead to an additional billion deaths, as planes fall out of the sky, cars crash, and fires ignite without emergency personnel to respond. Every single cell tower would become immediately inoperable as millions of people attempt to call for help with no response.

The Struggle for Survival

The "lucky" survivors would face the challenge of either starving to death or catching diseases from being in close proximity to rotting corpses that cannot be disposed of. Basic infrastructure would grind to a halt, leading to the collapse of civilization and the cessation of the economy. Governments, nations, and borders would likely cease to exist. Many individuals would experience immense grief and loss, leading to suicides.

The Collapse of Essential Services

Essential services such as electricity, water supply, and transportation would fail without the skilled workforce needed to operate and maintain them. The loss of leaders and innovators in various fields would halt progress and create a vacuum in governance and organization. Societies would likely experience a regression in technological and scientific capabilities. Recovery from such an event would be incredibly challenging.

The Long Road to Recovery

The corpse disposal alone would take months and pose significant risks to disease and sanitation. Humanity would survive, but it would be the worst event to ever happen, by far. The event would result in a breakdown of societal functions. The loss of skilled individuals would cause a halt in essential services, leading to the failure of electricity, water supply, and transportation. Progress in various fields would come to a standstill, creating a void in governance and organization. Technological and scientific capabilities would regress, making recovery difficult. The event would have a significant impact on disease control and sanitation. While humanity may survive, the event would have long-lasting and devastating consequences.

The hypothetical scenario of an IQ-based extinction event would have dire consequences for society. The immediate fallout, struggle for survival, collapse of essential services, and long road to recovery would create a world in chaos. It serves as a reminder of the importance of collaboration, empathy, and the value of every individual in maintaining a functioning society.

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