Rethinking Breakfast Foods and National Anthem Rituals

Ella White

Updated Thursday, July 11, 2024 at 11:36 AM CDT

Rethinking Breakfast Foods and National Anthem Rituals

The Myth of "Breakfast Food"

The concept of "breakfast food" is a social construct that limits our culinary freedom, particularly in the morning. The notion that certain foods are only appropriate for breakfast is arbitrary and restrictive. Why can't we enjoy a burger or a slice of pizza in the morning if that's what we crave? The idea that breakfast must consist of eggs, bacon, and cereal is outdated and limits our gastronomic choices.

Restaurants often reinforce this restriction by refusing to serve non-breakfast items before a certain time, typically 11 am. This can be incredibly frustrating for those who prefer savory or non-traditional breakfast options. It's time to break free from these culinary constraints and embrace a more flexible approach to our morning meals.

The Overuse of the National Anthem

The singing of the national anthem has become an overused ritual in domestic sporting events. Originally intended to evoke a sense of national pride, the anthem is now played at every game, regardless of its significance. This overuse diminishes the anthem's impact and can feel like an unnecessary display of patriotism.

Moreover, the expectation for everyone to participate in this ritual can be exclusionary and divisive. Not everyone may feel comfortable or patriotic in the same way, and forcing participation can lead to resentment. The national anthem should be reserved for moments of genuine national representation, such as international competitions.

Celebrity Voice Casting in Animated Films

The trend of casting celebrities as voice actors in animated films is another area ripe for critique. While big names like Beyoncé and Chris Pratt can draw audiences, their star power often overshadows the animated characters themselves. This can detract from the storytelling and the authenticity of the characters.

However, there are exceptions to this rule. When a movie's concept is based around a comedian's personality, such as in "Kung Fu Panda," the celebrity voice can enhance the experience. In these cases, the comedian's unique style and humor become integral to the character and the story.

Politics and Sports

The demand to keep politics out of sports is often hypocritical. Many who insist on this separation react strongly when someone does not remove their hat during the national anthem at a baseball game. This contradiction highlights the complex relationship between patriotism, politics, and sports.

Sports events should be free from mandatory patriotic displays unless they are international competitions. This would allow fans to enjoy the game without feeling pressured to participate in nationalistic rituals. It would also create a more inclusive environment for everyone, regardless of their political beliefs.

Flexibility in Food Choices

Culinary choices should not be limited by the time of day. The label of "breakfast food" is arbitrary and restrictive, and it's time to challenge this social construct. Whether you want a burger at 8 am or pancakes at 8 pm, your food choices should be flexible and based on your personal preferences.

The commercialization of breakfast food has also impacted restaurant menus, often limiting options and reinforcing outdated norms. By embracing a more flexible approach to meal times, we can enjoy a wider variety of foods and break free from these culinary constraints.

It's time to rethink our approach to breakfast foods and national anthem rituals. By challenging these social constructs and embracing more flexibility, we can create a more inclusive and enjoyable experience for everyone.

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