About Trending Top 100

Our Purpose

Trending.com ranks and archives the top 100 trending videos and images of the day within the context of a Top 100 list. The Trending Top 100 list is referenced and used as a resource by news channels, media outlets, magazines, newspapers, and more. Media featured on the Trending Top 100 list are ranked in order by their views, shares, and user engagement activity. Media ranked at the top of the Trending Top 100 list has received relatively more user engagement than media ranked below.

Our Mission

Our mission at Trending.com is to archive today's Top 100 videos and images for the next decades and hopefully centuries to come. We consider our mission to be accomplished when our visitors can enjoy classic media content that was trending years ago.

In Dedication

This site is dedicated to the late TRK. Thank you for helping us get here. You will never be forgotten.