January 11, 2017

Good riddance

Good riddance

Background: I have three sisters, and we all are half to each other and were born 8 yrs apart with me as the 3rd kid. We share the same Mom with all different fathers. My Mom divorced my Dad when I was two yrs old. That never has bothered me, shit happens. From that time until 3rd grade started my Mom still had custody of all of me and the other middle kid, with my oldest sister already moved out. Around kindergarten my Mom met a guy named David. This POS fathered my youngest sis. He was always nice to the girls in the house, but hated me. When left alone he would beat the shit out me for stuff that no sensible person would do.

Example: We were pretty poor so I got a new baseball mitt for my b-day and was over the moon. I brought it with me to school one day and forgot it in the classroom. Came home and David (he didn't work, Mom did) was there. He wanted to play baseball, I said i accidentally left the mitt at school. That day he beat my ass with a wooden spatula til it broke. My middle sister found out and called CPS. Took them 4 days to get out for some reason and the bruise was almost gone by that point.

Example 2: Another time I woke up in the middle of the night around Christmas, snuck out and carefully peeled back some wrapping paper to see what I got. In the process of being a ninja, i ripped a huge piece off. OH SHIT. I put the present back with the ripped side down, trying to hide it. David found out a few days later, I told the truth, he beat the shit out of me. I was seriously scared of him.

This scenario plays out 10-12 more times, each as bad as the next. What did my Mom think of all this you ask? IDK, prob high, doing drugs while pregnant with David's kid, my little sis. I love my sis tons, but every time I look at her it reminds me of him so ever since I left to live with my Dad, I distanced myself from her.

Fast-Forward from 3rd grade to present (I'm 29 now): I join the Marines and go to Iraq, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Afghanistan, etc. While I get in great shape, David is sickly from all the drug usage catching up to him (he is only ~50). I re-kindle a relationship with my little sis and visit her one weekend while on leave. She asks if David can come say "hi". She was too little to remember the shit he used to do to me. I told her if he came near me I would beat the shit out of him like he used to beat me, so no, he could not come. She understood and that was that.

I am a father now. My daughter is 1 1/2 years old. If anyone did to her what he did to me I'd kill them. I don't understand how a human being could be so cruel to a young kid.

I haven't written this much personal stuff ever in my life.

Today my youngest half-sister is giving updates on social media that David is in the ICU with severe stomach problems and some vein issue. It does not look good for him. I know my sister will be sad, I hear he was a great Dad to her. I'm glad he got the kid beating out of his system on me and not on her. I hope he is in pain. I hope he dies.

TL;DR- Step-Father beat me, now he is going to die. I'm glad.

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