January 10, 2017

It's a big change

It's a big change

To sum it up, my friend jokingly suggested I be his roommate in Queensland. I told him that would absolutely never happen, as I live in Arkansas and that's quite the distance.

Well, we kept talking, and I decided to run the idea by my father thinking he would think it was stupid because I'm only 18 and halfway through my senior year in high school. He didn't.

And neither did the rest of my family. They all want me to go, which I was a bit shocked about.

So, the plan is for me to move right after Christmas next year, as I'll be spending all of this year earning money.

I figure you may not care, but I'm dying to tell anybody I can because I'm so scared and excited I can't even put it into words.

Also, if you have any advice for moving to any foreign country, I'd really appreciate it!

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